Ye Olde DSB

Like Sands Through the Hourglass

The first adventure was a strike against a brigand camp located near DARG. We started out with Baynon (me), Galen (Scooter), Feyden (Chris), Lyras (a paladin, also played by Chris I think), and Aeshaya (me).

First ever dick stomping: We got stalked and later attacked by two brown bears while enroute to the camp.

I think we found and captured one of the brigand advance sentries. I remember there being tension between Baynon and Feyden about how forcefully we should interrogate the prisoner.

We ended up trying to slip in under the cover of night and pose as brigands. The ruse was working, but suddenly one of the local rangers (Pixtar) started shooting fire arrows at the tents from a nearby hill. Chaos erupted. We ended up fighting ‘Biff’ (a particularly tough brigand), and later the brigand lord himself. Lyras was killed fighting the brigand leader, but since Chris only agreed to run two characters because we needed a bigger party (back in the day, 6 was considered an average party size), and we now had Pixtar, we never replaced him.

On the way back home, we had a random encounter with some ghouls. This ended up neatly foreshadowing the next adventure.


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